OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomographer) is a new and highly advanced screening system to check for potentially serious eye conditions. It is suitable for all ages and is totally painless.

As a practice we are proud of our state of the art optical facilities and we are constantly striving to offer our patients the latest technological innovations in Optometry and OCT represents the cutting edge of diagnostic equipment. We will be offering you the opportunity to have an OCT scan when we send out your regular eye examination reminder or when you check in for your appointment.

What does OCT involve?

The OCT scan is a completely painless, non-contact procedure which is carried out by one of our Optometrists or Optical Assistants. The scan only takes a few minutes and involves staring for a few seconds in different directions whilst the OCT scans each of your eyes in turn.

Once the scan is complete the Optometrist will show you the results and explain what the scan shows.

What does the OCT Scan show us?

The scan allows our Optometrist to clearly see any abnormalities or irregularities in the macula and enables the diagnosis of potentially serious conditions at a very early stage. Eye conditions such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration along with diabetes can be picked up before other symptoms appear.

How often do I need a scan?

Similar to a normal eye examination, we would recommend that you have an OCT scan every 2 years or more regularly if your Optometrist advises. If you are a new patient to us, or have never had a scan, we would suggest that you have one at your eye examination appointment so we have a benchmark to work from for the future.

Simply call us or pop into the practice to book your OCT Scan appointment.

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