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At Crompton Opticians we only use the best quality lens products from Zeiss, Essilor & Crizal Tranistion.


Technology advances at a rapid pace and our aim is to combine aesthetic appearance and superb visual performance to match the individual requirements of your prescription.



Single Vision Lenses

Single Vision lenses are the most common lens type. They are used to correct one type of vision, long sight, short sight, reading vision or astigmatism.

Varifocal Lenses

Varifocal Lenses are also known as progressive lenses. They give complete vision at all distances, without the telltale dividing line of bifocals. Varifocal lenses look just like a single vision lens, but there is a gradual power difference within the lens, from distance at the top, down to reading. The area in the middle of the lens is your intermediate area for focusing on things at mid range e.g., a computer. Varifocal lenses will give you great vision far, near and in between.

Crompton Opticians are proud to have achieved Essilor's Varilux Gold Specialist Optician accreditation. Essilor is world famous for the Varilux lens, the worlds first varifocal lens invented in 1959. Today there are over 300,000,000 wearers of varilux lenses world wide. Click here for more details.

Thinner & Lighter Lenses

Advanced technology means we can offer you a range of "high index" lenses that are significantly thinner and lighter than standard plastic lenses. By increasing the lens density we change the way light passes through them. This allows us to use less material than ordinary lenses thereby making them thinner, lighter and more comfortable to wear. Thinner lenses are also more appealing because they don't distort the eyes. Lens indices range from 1.498 to 1.900 the higher the index the thinner and lighter the lens.

Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and 10 times stronger than standard plastic lenses making them ideal for sport and children. Up to 43% thinner, 24% lighter than standard plastic lenses with an index of 1.59 they are still cosmetically appealing. Their strength means they are first choice lenses for the fashionable rimless frames.

Lens Coatings

Lenses with an anti-reflection coating dramatically reduce glare from computer screens and night driving. They also virtually eliminate reflections and so make your spectacles more attractive to look at, and your lenses more comfortable to see through.

Hard scratch resistant coatings are also available which protect the surfaces of your lenses.

For the ultimate in lens protection choose Essilor Crizal Forte lenses.

They stay much cleaner for much longer. Dust won't stick during cleaning. Rain and grease slide off. With no glare, smudges, dust, dirt, oil, water or grease you will see as clearly as you did the first day you bought your lenses.

Plus they are guaranteed for two years!!!

Crizal Prevencia

UV and Blue-Violet light is present everywhere. Outdoors, whatever the weather you are exposed to UV rays and blue-violet light. Indoors, blue-violet light is present in LED and fluorescent light sources which are incorporated into most modern devices such as computer screens, smartphones and tablets.

The latest Crizal innovation selectively filters blue-violet light.

Firstly by preventing premature aging of your eyes by selectively filtering out harmful light and providing 25 times more UV protection that without lenses.

Secondly - it preserves your overall well-being by letting essential visible light pass through.

Thirdly - it provides optimal vision & durable transparency by offering the best protection against reflections, scratches, smudges, dust and water.

Transitions Photochromic Lenses

Transitions lenses are the most advanced photochromic lenses available. When you're outdoors and in sunshine they rapidly darken to become as effective as conventional sunglasses. When you go back indoors they lighten to become as clear as ordinary lenses. The density of tint varies according to UV levels and is one of the fastest acting in the world.

Polarised Lenses

Polarised sun lenses are a real step forward in quality of outdoor vision for all spectacle wearers. In addition to providing protection against the effects of UV light, polarising lenses give effective protection against the glare caused by reflected sunlight on water, snow, glass and metal. As a result they add a new dimension to an enjoyable outdoor lifestyle.

  • Polarised Lenses
  • Glare Reduction
  • Enhanced Colour Perception
  • Improved Contrast
  • Greater Visual Comfort
  • 100% UVA UVB Protection



Wearers today need to multi-task quickly and freely. Varilux® X series™ lenses are designed with multiple fields of vision in mind. These near distance visual needs correspond to a range of between 40 and 70 cm from the wearer, known as arm’s length. Varilux X series has reinvented near vision at arm's length.


High resolution vision

When wearing Essilor Road Pilot it is quickly apparent that details look sharper in every direction. Peripheral aberrations, often found on high powered standard single vision lenses, are a thing of the past thanks to High Resolution vision over the entire surface of the lens.

Improved contrast sensitivity

Essilor Road Pilot wearers will gain a better perception of detailed objects that are around them. Textures and visual details will be clearer and colour perception stronger. This improves the wearer's ability to react to changes on the road and see in lower light conditions.

Reduced aberrations

Essilor Road Pilot minimises all aberrations, including well known aberrations such as ‘power error’ and ‘astigmatism'. This means that the wearer can benefit from optimal precision when driving, regardless of their gaze direction.

Significant glare reduction

With the all new Crizal Drive coating exclusively applied to Essilor Road Pilot, it means wearers experience 90% less reflections from on-coming light and other light sources found when driving.



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