The Eye Examination

At Crompton Opticians we place a high emphasis on clinical care and perform not only an "eye test" but a thorough examination of your eyes  both internally and externally.

We invest continually in the newest technology to provide the most up to date screening and investigative techniques including retinal photography, visual field assessment, binocular vision assessment and glaucoma and cataract screening.

Our practice is fully accredited in the Warrington PCT's diabetic screening programme.

We perform both NHS and Private Eye Examinations

Free NHS Eye Examination Entitlement

You are entitled to a free NHS Eye Test if you are a recipient of any of the following:

  • Are you over 60
  • Are you under 16
  • Are you a full time student and attend school, college or university aged 16, 17 or 18
  • On Income Support
  • On income based Jobseekers Allowance
  • A recipient of income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Receiving Pension Credit guarantee credit

Also if you are:

  • Named on a valid HC2 certificate
  • Registered blind / partiality sighted
  • A sufferer of diabetes / glaucoma
  • Considered to be at risk of glaucoma
  • Over 40 and are the parent / brother / sister / child of a person who has or had glaucoma
  • Have been prescribed complex lenses under the NHS optical voucher scheme

If you require a prescription for spectacles after your NHS eye examination then again you may be eligible for help towards the cost of your spectacles.

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