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VDU Eyewear & Regulations

In the 21st century working environment it is getting harder to avoid having to use a computer.

Under the Health & Safety Regulations 1992 which came into effect January 1993, it states that if you are a display screen equipment operator/user and you request an eye examination from your employer they are obliged to provide one.

This can be through an optician using a recognised voucher scheme or they can reimburse you for your eye examination.

The frequency of the eye examination is usually two years.

Who Pays For Spectacles?

The act states that if a "Special" corrective appliance is required for the viewing of a display screen then the company is to pay a reasonable amount to cover the cost of a basic pair of spectacles to fulfil the task. "Normal" spectacles are those for other tasks such as reading and distance vision.

Eye Examinations And Spectacles

From 6th April 2006 no tax charge will arise where an employer provides an eye examination or corrective spectacles for an employee. This applies whether the employer pays for this direct, reimburses the employee or provides a recognised voucher to cover the cost.

Computer Vision Syndrome - CVS

CVS is a condition which has gained recognition in the USA and UK

  • Some of the symptoms are
  • Shoulder and Neck Pains
  • Dry and Sore Eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  • Double Vision

This can all be directly attributed to poor visual comfort and posture when viewing visual display screens. Conventional progressive lenses aggravate the problem as the head has to be tilted back to find the intermediate vision, and standard reading lenses don't help as the wearer will be leaning forward to get visual comfort at the expense of posture. The answer is a pair of enhanced reading/office/computer lenses.

Computer/Office enhanced reading lenses are designed to make working at display screens more comfortable for people who are usually over 40 and require reading spectacles. These lenses can be used where any intermediate vision is required.

It is highly recommended that all these lenses are supplied with a clear anti-reflection coating to enhance vision and reduce annoying reflections.

One such lens is Varilux Computer. Lenses that are occupational lenses specifically designed for computer use.

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